Board Activity

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Our Mission

SANDS mission is to educate, support, and advocate those in Southern Arizona affected by Down syndrome.  SANDS pursues this goal by creating an open, supportive, and collaborative network connecting individuals and families with needed resources and information.

 Currently there is one opening on the SANDS Board of Directors.  SANDS is looking for qualified and caring individuals to fill this need.  If you are interested, read the BOD manual then fill out a BOD application and forward it to or mail it to PO Box 17011 Tucson, AZ  85731.  We are also looking for chairperson/s for our annual Buddy Walk, if interested contact us at  

SANDS is  looking for people who want to be on committees, we have many to choose from….

Anyone can make a difference!

The board is composed of a group of very dedicated individuals who donate their time, knowledge and passion to SANDS.


SANDS  Board of Directors:

President Allyson Schug 

Vice President Chelsea Hansen

Treasurer Camille Stanbery

Chairperson Steve Freeman

Secretary Jenny Dykstra

Sharon Callaway

Chad McKinley

Karen Poppe

Heidi Steinway

SANDS Information:

Allyson Schug

Give It Back Information:

Allyson Schug
Buddy Walk Information:


520-47SANDS (477-2637) SANDS
520-477-BWAZ (477-2929) Buddy Walk

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 17011
Tucson, AZ 85731


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