Click here to visit the National Buddy Walk Organization The Buddy Walk™ is always a fun event (with a purpose). Lot’s of activities, entertainment, food and friends. Here in the gallery you’ll find some captured moments from the event.

Nationally, in 2007, the Buddy Walk™ had more than 230,000 individuals participating. Since it’s creation in 1995 total participation exceeds 2,000,000 people.

Join us for the 2014
Tucson Buddy Walk!
Tucson Buddy Walk 2013 PhotographsTucson Buddy Walk
2013 Photographs
buddywalk2012_general-4410Tucson Buddy Walk
2012 Photographs
Tucson Buddy Walk 2011 PhotographsTucson Buddy Walk
2011 Photographs
Tucson Buddy Walk 2010 Photographs Tucson Buddy Walk
2010 Photographs
Tucson Buddy Walk 2009 Photographs
Tucson Buddy Walk
2009 Photographs
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The 2006-2009 Buddy Walk photos

jeff (photo of jeff courtesy of
Sam Pappas Photography)

found here were taken by the parents of one of the kids who very much enjoys the annual Buddy Walk event. For photo information or to request (free for personal use) the original full resolution image which are good for prints please let Jeff know. To see more photographs of Tucson visit

What happened in 2004? If you have photos from 2004 or previous Buddy Walks please let Jeff know.



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