Products By & For People with Down Syndrome

Products By and for People with Down Syndrome

  • Discovery Toys,
  • Specs4us To improve the sight and quality of life for children with Down syndrome by providing custom frames that fit their unique needs.
  • Downs Designes A clothing line for people with Down syndrome
  • the Official Site of Chris Burke with Joe and John DeMasi
  • The Last to Leave Home.  Our special brother, their special child.
  • The Marshmellow Kingdom “The Little King” is about my wise and funny sage (and son), eight-year-old Louie Rotella the IV, who was born with Down Syndrome. I wrote this book because I wanted to give children—and their parents and teachers—access to some of the lessons, and all of the laughter, that Louie brings into my life and that of everyone he meets.
  • Kelderman Klassy Glass is a new microenterprise of Kailin Kelderman’s family in Reno, NV. KK is 15 years old and has Down syndrome. All of her life she has been fully included in her community, attending school with her sister
  • Warner’s Corner’s mission is to help you give your child “wings and a compass” so that they may find and pursue their own life path. Warner’s Corner is designed to support families with extraordinary children by providing a virtual “corner” to exchange thoughts and offer support as well as to provide resources to help children develop the skills that they ultimately need to earn their “wings”.
  • At Rainbow, residents receive the finest care and enjoy a beautiful, ranch-style campus amid the scenic beauty of Arizona’s Verde Valley. Rainbow Acres is committed to providing valuable enrichment activities for the Ranchers and the Verde Valley community. From recitals to art shows, the Palmer Community Center is abuzz with regular fine arts activities that showcase God’s beautiful creation.
  • Monica & David is a love story of two adults with Down syndrome
  • The Spirits of our Adventures  About the author: Growing up with a sister who lives with a disability has taught me such an amazing amount about what life is truly about! It’s about living! And her community does that better than a lot of us in this world. Although I do believe education has definitely come a long way, we still have so much further to go. There is still so much fear about the disabled community and fear stems from the unknown. To make an impression on this world we must start with our kids. Teach them not to be fearful of what they don’t fully understand. Teach them to take a deeper look and explore an outside world of possibilities. This series of books is intended to show that, yes, there are definite differences among this group of friends, but deep down, they are all kids who love to explore, who love to laugh, and have a spirit of adventure.
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